How would you feel if someone stole something from you? How about someone that borrowed your work and did not pay you for it? Or how about your employer not paying you for the hard work you have worked for? Well, if you don’t mind then you should definitely continue going on with your life but if this does not sit right with you keep reading…

H&M filed a lawsuit in New York City on March 15th demanding to use ALL artwork without paying artists, as long as the photos are not protected by copyright law. According to NY Times, “The latest dispute began this fall when the clothing company H&M was looking for a place to hold a fashion shoot and found what seemed like a perfectly gritty — but not actually dangerous — location: a graffitied handball court in the William Sheridan Playground in the heart of one of Brooklyn’s hipster meccas. H&M shot footage of a model in its new line of apparel using the graffiti as a backdrop. And this being the internet age, the artist, Jason Williams, saw it within months.”

The artist contacted the company to notify them of copyright infringement and H&M’s response was ‘”the mural was not only “unauthorized,” but also “constituted vandalism.”’ So as a result of Jason William’s graffiti artwork, H&M is demanding a judge in NYC to allow them access to all graffiti and artwork that are not copyrighted. Jason William is, however, not giving up and along with me and his army, we will stand for what is right and just for artists.

How can we stop this madness?! It is simple. Boycott H&M. Stop shopping at all H&M locations, unfollow H&M on Instagram, Facebook & all other social media outlets.

You may ask yourself if boycotting H&M will do a difference and my answer is 100%! If I convinced each and every one of you to boycott H&M I would influencer 50,000 individuals and 10% of that is 5,000. That is 5,000 fewer sells for them.

So let us gather together in this great cause and boycott H&M for benefiting off of free work and making millions off of other talented artist’s artwork. Who’s in with me?