Happy Valentine’s my loves! I hope you all had a wonderful day to celebrate with friends or a loved one. For me, I celebrated my first Valentine’s with my boyfriend Vanand. He is pretty amazing.

Vanand surprised me with a romantic dinner at Catch LA. I left it to him to plan our day. I was really looking forward to it because he is the best planner. He always comes up with awesome places to eat and fun things to do together. They are always are thoughtful and sentimental.

While everyone already knew what they were going to do on Valentine’s Day, I had no idea. Vanand did not make plans up until a week in advance, which is pretty awesome that my boyfriend got the reservations at Catch LA.

On Valentine’s Day, he surprised me with beautiful pink and red roses, chocolate covered strawberries (I devoured all 12 of them but do not judge me lol), a funny mug with a cute little stuffed mini bunny inside, and the most romantic Papyrus card. I cried.

After gifting me with the most adorable gifts, Vanand kept dinner a secret, so he Ubered us to dinner. I have heard great things about the Catch LA but never had the chance to dine there, up until Valentine’s dinner.

Upon arrival, we had cocktails and were seated at our table. The menu was a fixed menu, so there were about 2-4 options for each course. We both shared our courses, but the meals that had meat were Vanand’s for the winning.

My favorite part about eating at Catch was the customer service. Our waitress was so amazing and helpful! Oh and don’t let me forget the dessert. It was a #hitme cake that you broke with a spoon. After breaking the cake red cream dripped out of the heart. The cake was a brilliant idea, especially for a Valentine’s Day theme.

You can view more photos down below from our experience at Catch LA. Hope you all enjoy the photos, as we both did.

Also, let me know your thoughts. Have you been to Catch? If so, what was your experience?

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