After the fashion week craziness in New York, I was in dire need to relax and get away from Manhattan. What better way than to escape to Upstate New York and relax at one of my favorite hotels in Nyack.

The city of Nyack is a small town Upstate with the cutest colonial-style homes and really nice neighbors. From my experience at The Time Nyack, the community has nice and very helpful people, especially when I got lost a couple blocks from the hotel, due to my GPS having a technology fart. Ha.

Once I arrived at The Time Hotel, I wanted to do nothing more than sleep. Fashion Week is more intense than outsiders expect. As a fashion week goer we basically run, cab or uber to shows ALL day long. We try to squeeze in normal meals and coffee. A lot of coffee. We attend fashion parties that run past midnight. And it’s not about attending the parties, you are being paid to attend them, so they make them fun so the public figures could stay long enough for the party not to be lame.

With that said, I was exhausted and the hotel concierge were so helpful with one of the greatest customer service experiences. They made me feel very welcomed and made sure to answer all questions I had.

Upon arriving I checked out all of The Time Hotel’s cool lounging area. They have quite a few, but my favorite is the McJagger seating area. The hotel concierge said they switch the hotel lounging theme often, which I would hate to see the McJagger artwork go.

Nevertheless, the pool is one of my favorite spots! Duh. I’m clearly from Los Angeles. I enjoyed the weather, which was perfect while I stayed. The pool was room temperature and I was tempted to take a dive. Along with diving in the pool, the lounging chair are so comfy. I laid on one of them and wanted to take a quick nap, but besides sleeping, I was trying to rush back to Manhattan for a quick meeting.

I cannot wait to be back with The Time Nyack family next time. This hotel outdid all expectations and experiences, considering I almost live in hotels while working, which is almost month now.

Make sure to scroll down and see all the amenities and the cool pictures we took at The Time Hotel Nyack.