Hello lovelies and happy Thursday! This past week I have been super busy with work and last minute dinners with PR houses. I even forgot to put a few on my Instagram story…! Crazy right?

Well I wanted to share with you all the perfect coat I have ever purchased. This awesome  camel wool coat is from Burberry and I so happen to have found it on sale. It was definitely a bargain and for that I am grateful. In my early high school years I remember how obsessed I was with wool coats, but no matter where I looked, finding one under $100 was impossible. That was until I went shopping at Old Navy one year and begged my parents for my first wool coat. Who would have known Old Navy sells wool coats!? Haha.

After I cut off the tags, the wool coat and I were inseparable and I eventually wore it out after 2 years. Now, after I wore it out I was shocked because I assumed wool coats last a lifetime. And as a matter of fact, wool coats ARE supposed to last a lifetime, but now with mass production, factories are making the product so much quicker and sometimes not the best quality.

When you pay a lesser amount for something, that will only last you so long. Then you purchase the same item/s countless of times and in the end you pay double the amount you paid for the pricier item you avoided. That leaves me to advice every one of you male and females to make sure and purchase a wool coat that will be an investment for a lifetime. I know this Burberry coat will be just that. I will pass it down to my children’s children and so forth.

What I Am Wearing: 

Camel Coat: Burberry / Handbag: Louis Vuitton / Knitted Sweater: H&M / Jeans: Zara / Booties: Vintage / Sunglasses: Lolita LeSpecs x Adam Selman

THE PERFECT COAT Beatrice Balaj Fashion BloggerTHE PERFECT COAT Beatrice Balaj Fashion BloggerTHE PERFECT COAT Beatrice Balaj Fashion Blogger