Ladies, it is bikini season and I would like to ask if you are ready? I do not feel like I was ready, but I received this bikini from Sie Swim and was so excited to wear it on my vacation to Houston. When I picked out the style, I was not sure which size to choose. When I tried on the bikini something happened that I feel like every woman goes through at some point in her life. I had a mini breakdown because it did not fit right. But we have to pick and choose our battles. I chose to embrace my curves and even though the bikini fits a little too snug, I went swimming, in it and it stretched to fit my body.

Naturally, my hips are wider and my waist is smaller. I have been like that since I began puberty when I was 12. I remember never finding my size for bottoms growing up. They were always too tight on my behind and too loose on my waist. I feel like this struggle is something every curvy woman lives through.

I knew there were two choices and outcomes to this bikini. One, I was going to let my tight bikini affect my mood and be grumpy on my vacation and not share these photos with you all. Or two, I had to accept that I am perfectly and wonderfully made and that the average girl is not a supermodel. So I sat on my bed, while my poor boyfriend tried to convince me that I looked beautiful regardless of the bikini fitting tighter than I anticipated, and I chose to change my mood. I reminded myself how amazing I am and how I am the voice for every curvy woman out there. So ladies, the next time someone asks you if you are bikini ready, make sure to remind yourself that you are perfect the way you look, and if you are wanting to change, then take your time and embrace your beautiful body.

These awesome photos were shot at Hotel Alessandra in Houston by my boyfriend Vanand.

What I Am Wearing (links below):

Bikini Top: Sie Swim (similar here) / Bikini Bottom: Sie Swim /  Sunglasses: LeSpecs Last Lolita / Necklace: Haati Chai /