I feel like everyone has a journey and goals in life but they may all vary according to society and regions in the world for each individual. For me, along many goals, one of them is to be fit and live a fit life.

Growing up I was not in sports, but I was very active as a child. My parents owned a seven bedroom home growing up in Sacramento which came with an massive backyard. That is where my six siblings and I got so creative with sports and outdoor activities.

I remember growing up, I was different from other girls in school. I developed hips but had a small waist. This was part of genetics, but as I got older because I did not look like most of the teenagers, I felt ashamed and even “fat”… How crazy is that!?

So for my 15th birthday I begged my parents to get me a gym membership. Now when I go to the gym I rarely see teenagers (well at least at my gym). And to think that my parents allowed me to get a membership and go every night with my brother is even crazier to think of lol.

So that is how my fitness journey began. I started with cardio. I did not lift until my mid 20s. I have always been a huge believer in cardio, up until I began lifting weights. I remember always being comfortable with the way I looked but it was not until I began to lift weights and increase the weight pounds weekly, that I noticed a great difference in my physique.

After lifting heavy for several months, the holidays arrived and I could not keep up with going to the gym, which also meant I gave up eating clean, because come on, it’s the holidays. But I was not hard of myself. After New Years I was curious to see how much I weighed and I gained 10 pounds since Thanksgiving lol.

I am currently on a diet and I would love to share with you all how I plan on achieving my new goal and weight 125 pounds. There is a lot of criticism that comes wth diets, but I believe that because I make eating clean a lifestyle, a diet is what I need to lose the 10 pounds, and an extra 5 for a banging summer body.

There are safe steps you should take to lose weight.

These are the goals I take to reach my goal:

    1. Counting, tracking and writing down my calories, fats, carbohydrates and proteins!
    1. Logging it all in with a great fitness app. I am OBSESSED with My Fitness Pal. You could even search my name and add me to watch my goals and meal plans.
    1. Start a meal plan and stick to it… Do not allow yourself to go off of the plan.
    1. Do not eat out! Eating out may lead you to give up on your fitness journey.
    1. Treat yourself to something delicious once in a while BUT do not indulge in it.
    1. Be good to your body and listen to it… You must be careful not to under-eat. The goal is to eat often, but small portions. If you feel weak that is your body sending you messages that you are lacking something.
    1. Find a friend that will join the journey with you. Losing weight alone is hard because sometimes you can feel like giving up. When you have someone else that is wiling to join you, it is more encouraging and you find yourself sticking to the fitness goal.
  1. Educate yourself on what weights you need to do and what workouts you need to do to make sure you achieve your desired physique. A fitness coach or a personal trainer come in handy on educating you. However, they can be pricey.

I will be posting my workouts soon on Youtube. Do you girls prefer for me to post it on my blog as well or just Youtube? Let me know so I could create the video soon! 🙂

Outfit Details (now 40% for this look):

Aim’n Leggings  // Aim’n Bra