We have all heard the saying “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade”, well that is exactly what I did on Thursday in Laguna Beach. It was the perfect beach day. I mean, PERFECT! There were no waves. I almost felt like I was in back in Southbeach, Florida. And boy do I miss it.

I found this lemon bikini at Forever21 for such a bargain. This lemonade bikini set was only $32 and you probably thought I was wearing designer, no? 😉

I have only done two other blog posts with bikini pictures and thosee were in Miami (see them here and here). I am currently working on my summer body and am a work in progress, but it did not stop me from pulling a Sports Illustrator/Beyonce’s Lemonade inspired photoshoot at Laguna Beach.

Speaking of Lemonade, do you feel the shade yet? Ha. I definitely had a Beyonce moment when shooting this bikini for you guys and gals. I wanted to say that curves are beautiful! Do not let anyone tell you otherwise, or do not let society brainwash you to think you are supposed to look one way. You should feel good in your skin and confident enough to love yourself. If you do not like something about your body then change it, but do not punish yourself for the standards of others.

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