Earlier this month I had the privilege to work with Daniel Omar, at Kristoff Ball Hair Salon in Beverly Hills. I have been through SO much with my hair that it was VERY difficult to find someone to work on my hair.

In 2016 I had the most BEAUTIFUL blonde hair. I trusted my hair stylist with my hair and life. I had been to some other ladies that ruined my hair color and it was difficult to go to someone else after that horrible experience.

One day my former hair stylist double booked me with another client. And as a result, her assistant was given the task to dye my hair. Her assistant in return, over processed my blonde hair and burnt it all off. By “all” I am not exaggerating. My hair has been falling out since 2016 and I have been working hard to fix it and strength it, thanks to Olaplex.

After one year and 2 months of not dying my hair, at all, I trusted a new hair stylist. I then dyed it in May 2017, but yet again, the stylist did not give me what I wanted. I was so upset with the outcome and swore never to get my hair done again.

A few months later my hair color needed correction, because the previous hair stylist from May gave me 3 shades on blonde. NO JOKE! I was quite embarrassed. So I asked a friend I trusted and she recommended me to Daniel Omar.

Only great things were said about Daniel and after he did my hair I can confidently say that each and everyone of them are true! Daniel fixed my color, gave me the results I wanted and gave me the best hair cut ever!!

I love styling my hair curly and prefer that over straight, but because I have such an amazing haircut wearing my hair straight is tempting. If you want to book Daniel Omar you can check his Instagram out here!