“Work hard and never give up until you get what you want”. These were the most memorable words I now cherish from my sweet friend Kyrzayda Rodriguez. I will never forget the day I met her at a Bollare for a New York Fashion Week gifting. She was so bold and powerful with her words that I thought she worked at the public relations company as a publicist lol.

When I saw her I first complimented her on her style. She wore such a beautiful skirt with a Chanel brooch (image above). We clicked, it was instant. She spoke about her love of God, her career as a blogger of so many years and an advocate for women in the industry, especially women of color.

Kyrzayda was passionate about her career and she was SO great at it. From my experience, many bloggers post about helping one another and uplifting each other, but most of those girls are the ones that are insecure and are the least helpful or genuine. Kyrzayda was so confident that she also wanted to serve and lend a helping hand to help others succeed. I can say that she directed me with my blogging career and lent a helping hand when I needed a contact or had a question about the industry. She was never short of kindness and grace.

A few accomplishments she achieved was speaking out against racism. I remember when Revolve was also only using influencers and models on their site of no color, Kyrzayda and a few more bloggers spoke out against it. Nothing was done until more bloggers got together and boycotted the brand. After a few weeks, Revolve sent Kyrzayda and a few other bloggers an email apologizing and saying they are all for diversity. Her words had power.

My dear friend, Kyrzayda, you will be missed. I sit at my desk writing this crying. Crying because I will miss you. I will miss your smile, your strong heart that never quit fighting until your last breath. I will miss your encouragement and your fashion rants. I will miss seeing your newest and latest blog posts. You always inspired me and I am so thankful for the memories.

Goodbye my dear friend, until we meet again.