Oh my goodness! If you and your partner have not gone ice skating yet together, you MUST. Drop everything and go. Now. At this moment. No, but really though, it is so incredibly fun and challenging. That is where your partner comes in ;).

Van and I went to LA Live in December and I am BARELY posting about it on here. It was so magical and beautiful. I wish the lights didn’t change so quickly though because the colorful lights would change from pink, to red, to blue, to green, to white and it was difficult to set manual because I would look red, or pink, or like I am dying of hypothermia because of the blue. lol

Nonetheless babes, I hope you enjoy these photos and take my advice. When you are about to fall your partner will help you, or TRY to-at least. Van kept me on my feet the entire time. But that was because he is a professional. 🙂