What do you think of when you see a woman wearing a white suit? Words that come to my mind are powerful, boss lady, classy, stylish, and sophisticated. This white-out look was inspired by my obsession with one-color outfits.

Who else is leaning towards monochromes outfit schemes and more one shade-kinda looks? I feel like an all white suit is so much more than just an outfit. It inspires me to get out there and be a boss lady. There is nothing more intimidating to me, than a woman with a GREAT tailored suit. Can I get an amen?!

Inspired by Givenchy’s last collection, I wanted to incorporate looks on my blog that can be worn on streetstyle, as well as at work. Afterall, who says you cannot dress up at work? Depending on the dress code, this look can be worn at any office. It just would not be considered conservative. But come on, who wears conservative things nowadays?

I’m eager to know what you guys think. Do you love the white-out look? 🙂