Coachella 2019 was sooo fun! I went with my boyfriend Vanand and met up with my friend Angela and her hubby Chris. Vanand and I wanted to attend but no brands were giving tickets to micoinfluencers so we decided to not attend.

The many of you that follow me on Instagram know that Vanand loves music, so naturally, he began watching Coachella Weekend 1 Live on Youtube. After a few hours of listening to the live bands, he decided that we were going. I honestly, truly, did not think that he would purchase the tickets and he got on eBay and bought them lol!

Day 1 of Coachella Weekend 2 was chill. We got into Palm Springs and rushed to the festival. I wore an adorable Alice + Olivia skirt and an Iron Maiden cut out tank top with a pair of booties. We saw:

  1. Gordon City
  2. Rufus Du Sol
  3. DJ Snake
  4. Childish Gambino

We went home really late and were so happy to have seen those artists. The previous year Vanand and I didn’t see half of the artists because we also did the Revolve festival so we didn’t experienced Coachella the way we wanted to, until this year.

Day 2 we recovered from staying up all night and walking 4 miles to our dang Uber. I know, it was RIDICULOUS! So we were exhausted and woke up super late on Saturday. On Day 2 we saw:

  1. Arizona (MY FAVORITE)
  2. Mr Eazi
  3. Bazzi
  4. J Balvin
  5. The Weezers
  6. Billie Eilish

All of the artists were SO good on Saturday. It was honestly my favorite day! 🙂

Day 3 we woke up and went to the pools at La Quinta with our friends Angela and Chris and got some vitamin D before the festival. The first lineup that was on our list was Bad Bunny and we ended up with Ariana Grande.

  1. Bad Bunny
  2. Gesaffelstein (amazing DJ!)
  3. Khalid
  4. Chvrches
  5. Ariana Grande

Overall, the festival this year was fun with a lot of mainstream artists and great trance DJ’s! Scroll down to see more photos from the festival and get inspired by my not-so-hoochy-outfits lol.