Located in one of Houston’s hip areas, Hotel Sorella at CITYCENTRE does not disappoint. Surrounding the beautiful CityCentre plaza where you will find some of the best restaurants and boutiques just a few steps away.

Upon checking into the Hotel Sorella, I was most impressed with the luxury and the sophisticated ambiance. We arrived really late so the next morning I knew I had to be up early to shoot the beauty of the hotel. I woke up at 6 am, like a crazy woman, and was ready to shoot at the pools first thing in the AM. It was a little chilly but because of the humidity in Houston, it made it bearable to pose.

After shooting this look at the gorgeous and heated pools, we had lunch at Radio Milano, an authentic Italian restaurant located inside Hotel Sorella. We were welcomed and accompanied by Radio Milano’s sommelier and tried three of our favorite wines.

We began our lunch with a delicious Caprese and the most potent and authentic Italian olive oil. It was a good and bad thing. Good because it was the best olive oil, and bad because other olive oils will have to live up to the quality we tasted at Radio Milano. Paired with the softest and freshly baked bread, we had a glass of Mi Terruno Cabernet Sauvignon 2013 from Argentina. The wine Mi Terruno is managed and ran by brother and sister duo Gabriel Baigorria and Maria Eugenia Baigorria. Maria is the winemaker and Gabriel is the business partner. They both collaborate and work together to sell their tasty wines throughout the world.

After the Cabernet Sauvignon, we were ready to eat our entrees. I chose a delicious pasta from the menu. It was honestly one of the best seafood pasta I have tried. After our meal, we were brought so many desserts and I thought I was going to explode from all the options. Each and every flavor were so delicious and made in-house, something I could taste being raised by a mother whom only cooked homemade food and baked her own dessert.

Along with our dessert, Vanand and I tried two dessert wines. It was our first time trying dessert wine, so we were so excited. I had the Rosa Regale, a sparkling red wine that was semi-dry, sweet and so full of flavor. Vanand, on the other hand, tried the Castello Di Querceto 2013, a Chianti Classico. The wine tasted less sweet than mine, which was a good thing because it was a balance when eating the sugary cakes. Nonetheless, both desserts were much enjoyed.

After lunch, I changed for our flight back home to Los Angeles. I wore a pink suit from Zara, and left the bikini top on to shoot the look on the hotel’s beautiful staircase. Scroll down and you will see what I am talking about. Absolutely GORGEOUS!

Overall, Hotel Sorella was such a beautiful experience. We enjoyed our stay, especially the Radio Milano. 🙂