I went shopping for this look. Yes, you read correctly, I buy ALL of my clothes. I do not sponsor fashion posts, only beauty, travel, and food. So while shopping the same day I purchased these Zara pants, I had a breakdown. Nothing I tried on fit right. Everything was either too small on the butt, or too big on the waist. So I sat there at Zara with my boyfriend waiting outside of my fitting room and felt sorry for myself but then I reminded myself of the strong and confident woman I am and got over it.

But it dawned on me, I do not like when other girls suffer from this issue and I know I am not the only one because I am a personal shopper and stylist. Trying on clothes that you want to buy but that do not fit right is one of the worst things a woman can experience.

So you may ask what the outcome of my shopping was. I bought what I damn pleased and went to dinner had myself a fancy shrimp pasta and finished with an eclair.

As women, we tend to be so hard on ourselves and that is not good, or healthy. I am so sick and tired of media selling “skinny” to the point where women and men starve themselves to fit a certain body image. That is definitely not healthy. And what I want to do here on www.BeatriceBalaj.com is encourage each and every one of you that you are NOT alone. We need to stand up and demand brands to change their appearance of “perfect”. Because let me tell you, I am perfect and so are you. Beauty is truly in the eyes of the holder and we need to trust ourselves and poor more love in ourselves.

So the next time you try on clothes and they do not fit right, remember it is not your body, but their brand and the sizing issue with their factories. Shop elsewhere and enjoy your eclairs ladies and gents!