How many of you sit there and think that colors, or specific colors, do not look great on you, so you stick to neutrals or black clothing. Well I am here to tell you that you have been dressing wrong this entire time. You did not know that the colors you were wearing did not flatter you. There is no longer one shade of red. There are MULTIPLE shades/undertones of colors so my advice to is to read down below and discover how to choose colors that flatter your skin complexion.

It is very important when wearing fashionable outfits to see which colors look best on you. to discover what colors go best with your skin complexion, stick the steps down.

  1. Cool Tones
    • These colors consist of pinks, blush, and reds undertones
    • pink, red or bluish undertones)
  2. Warm Tones
    1.  These colors consist of yellow, orange, golden undertones
  3. Neutral Tones
    • These colors consists of warmer and cool undertones

Now that we know which color tones go best with the undertones, we need to find out which tone goes with our skin complexion. Thankfully, there is an accurate way to discover which undertones we have. Our veins have blood running through them, BUT through our skin, they look either blue or green. If you have blue veins, cool undertone clothing will flatter you. If you have green veins, you need warmer undertones of clothing.

As a stylist, I always use this chart/guide with my clients and it never disappoints. I hope it will help each and every one of you discover what colors look best on you. Do not gear away from the color palette because you are scared to try color. So make sure to try the vein test and see which colors go best with you.

If you cannot see your veins, try the jewelry test… Which color of flatters you and makes you glow- gold or silver? If gold looks more flattering, then girls with a cool undertone look better in silver and grey metals. As for girls with a warm undertone, golds suit her skin complexion better.