I am in love with blogging. I eat it, breathe it and often fall asleep thinking about it. I cannot believe that I found a career that I am obsessed with.

My journey as a blogger began in 2011 after going on a Euro trip after graduating college. I took photos of my outfits and the landscape while I was there and fell in love with my families heritage.

When I got back from Europe in 2010, I was so bored and started a blog to share the travel diary. Fast forward to 2017, I expanded my blog as a beauty, fashion and travel blogger and feel so humbled that I get paid to travel.

If you ask my parents what I do, they still do not know how to answer the question lol. Some of my relatives think I am a model, but I do not label myself a model, considering the backlash and the negative stereotypes that come with modeling.

I do not consider myself a model.

I love the feeling of waking up and working with brands that I believe in, especially brands I personally buy and believe in. One of which is L’Occitane en Provence. L’Occitane reached out to me to collabrate with their new Luxury and Signature Advent Calendars. You can read more about my collaboration here.

This style diary was taken in Huntington Beach at Old World, an adorable German market that sells all things German. Even the theme is very German based. Clearly lol. I wanted to share another cool touristy city with you all and hope you will visit here one day.

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