There is nothing like a black jumpsuit. The history of the jumpsuit began in 1919 when a designer named Thayat, from Florence, created a suit as a pant. The jumpsuit was practical for sky divers but over the years it became a fashion favorite.

It wasn’t until the 1930’s when Coco Chanel’s rivalry,  Elsa Schiaparelli, revolutionized the  Paris with her couture designs. But like most trends, fashion comes and goes in style. That’s when the fashion favorite jumpsuit made a comeback in the 60s. Celebrities, a few including Abba, Cher and Diana Ross and Mick Jagger. It stayed longer than anticipated by the fashion scene but left in the 90s until making, yet, another comeback in the 2000s.

I purchased my first jumpsuit in 2016. I loved how flattering the jumpsuit fit my silhouette and enhanced all my curves perfectly. I noticed that this year, stores are still selling jumpsuits, but not as much as I wish I saw, compared to how many were sold in 2016.

What is your take on jumpsuits? Would love to hear your input. Do you enjoy wearing them?

Outfit Details:

Jumpsuit- BD the Label / Marmont White Mini- Gucci / Heels- Steve Madden / Lipstick- Cruella by Nars