Last weekend my grandpa passed away peacefully. I feel like I was waiting one year for the news. I did not want it to come, but it had to.

When I got the call from my cousin, it hit hard. I felt sick to my stomach. I sat in my room and remembered all of the good times we had together. I felt sad that I would no longer receive his calls, hold his hand, hug him, and kiss his cheek when he called me “micuta de tine”.

All jokes aside, I always wondered how he endured my grandma’s nagging or her complaints so gracefully. He was such a sweet heart. A gentleman with no regrets. He showed his love through his touch, his smile and the way he carried his kind words.

When I think of a partner, I promised him that I would not settle for anyone lower than his standards. Someone with compassion, empathy, loving, wise, and an old soul.

I feel like it’s my legacy to live like he did. He lived in peace. He never sought wrong and always did good. He loved God above all and lived a ‘holy’ life. He was a vessel for God and chose to love all. Many people looked up to him as a saint, but to me he was my hero.

Soon after the funeral I took a mini road trip to Big Sur, California with my aunt from Austria and my mom. I know that they needed to getaway so this trip became our safe haven. In Big Sur we laughed, shed some tears, held one another tightly, and enjoyed our time together with food and German chocolates.

This post is dedicated to my sweet grandpa George. I will forever carry him in my heart.

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