This Christmas I was so shocked at how horrible my skin has been looking since I last got my facial done. NO, Tracy Hudson (my Facial go-to) did not do have anything to do with it… Which is why it was looking not it’s best.

Luckily, Bliss came to my rescue! With the new Triple Oxygen Mask that foams when being applied, my skin looked brighter and glowing for the holiday season and every week (moving forward). I am HUGE on skincare products that have brightening agents in them because I have acne scars and those agents overtime work to take the redness and scarring away.

When I applied the mask, which is an orange sheer shimmer consistency, I was shocked why there was no foam. Then I waited 30 seconds and my face began to look like a fluffy cloud (it was super cute and funny haha. The smell is a yummy citrus and once the foam settles, it looks white.

After 4 minutes, I used cotton pads with water to take off the foam. My skin INSTANTLY looked brighter and was glowing. I am obsessed with this mask (and that is the honest truth). ?

What the Post (Mask & Outfit):