Have you ever shopped for a red lipstick and felt hopeless? Or annoyed and almost jealous because you see other women flaunting red lips and it looks SO great on them, yet you cannot find a shade that compliments yourself? Well today is your lucky day. I did endless research online and found the best shades of red lipstick on the beauty market.

Sephora has ALMOST every high-demand beauty brand so I went in stores and asked for opinions from makeup specialists and was educated on the secrets of looking your best in red lipstick.

In these photos I am wearing Fire by Laura Mercier and love the blood orange tones for my skin complexion. Not all shades of red compliment me, but this one suits me so well!

There are 3 types of reds and in order to find the perfect shade of red, you must find the tone  that best flatters your skin complexion.

There are 3 different tones of red lipstick:

  1. Orange Red (warmer undertone)
  2. Blue Red (cool undertone)
  3. Subtle Red (dark and bold tones)

According to makeup specialists, here is how you find the perfect shade for your skin complexion.

1. Fair Complexion- 

  • You want to gear towards the subtle reds or blue reds. Both make teeth look whiter and enhance your skin complexion.

Blue Red Tones:

2. Medium Complexion-

  • Choose an orange red and steer away from blue reds. Blue reds on medium skin can appear to have a pink undertone.
  • Subtle Reds are also perfect for olive complexions and delivers boldness without looking too vampy.

Red Orange Tones:

Blue Red Tones:

3. Dark Complexion-

  • For cocoa skin complexions, vibrant orange reds look best. The richness of orange reds contrast well with deep skin tones.
  • Another great shade of red is plum reds which falls is categorized as subtle red. Plum reds enhances dark complexion and gives the skin tones a more vibrant look.

Orange Red Tones:

Red Plum Tones:

Now that you know which shade of red to look for, get shopping girls! I promise, once you try on the perfect tone of red, you will thank me. Shop more shades of red lipsticks down below. 🙂

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