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My favorite part about New York Fashion Week is dressing up. I mean, that is what is all about. As a blogger attending the top fashion designer runway shows, pressure can be high when choosing what outfit to wear. My main goal is to get photographed by streetstyle photographers and make it in magazines.

At fashion week, I dress realistically and try wearing what is comfortable since I run around all over the city from show to show. I could dress bizarrely but I stay true to myself and choose outfits that go well with my personal style.

When choosing what to wear, it can be easy to forget one’s style and that is the last thing I want because my follower’s specifically follow my blog for that reason. Even when choosing brands to work with, the best thing for me to do is stick with a brand that I wear on the daily. Sometimes brands reach out to my blog and ask for a feature, but I do not want to wear designers that do not coincide with my style.

The top advice on style I would give is choose designers or boutiques that you love and shop there. When dressing in your style, you do not want to shop at Kate Spade and wear All Saints because those two brands are completely different. You can mix the two and wear a t-shirt from All Saints and a skirt of Kate Spade, but it takes a lot of talent to coordinate an impeccable outfit when using two completely different brands.

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