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Blair Waldor called and she wants her Self Portrait dress back. Ha. Do you sense the sarcasm there? No, but really though, how inspiring is this outfit? I wore it on the last day of NYFW Spring 2018 and it was the perfect New Yorker moment.

Before flying to NYC, I had the opportunity to collaborate with Giovanni Hats and thought the beret would be perfect with my Self Portrait dress. When you have such a  preppy look, how can you not pair it with a pair of classic J’adior heels!?

On the last day of NYFW I was running late to a fashion show. I thought I was not going to make it because traffic on Clarkson was HORRENDOUS. We were moving a few feet every ten minutes. After contemplating if I would make it on time by walking, I got out of my taxi and ran, yes RAN, 3 blocks in these J’adior heels. I got to the show without tripping, scratching my heels, and no tears in my dress as I leaped over pot holes on the sidewalk LOL.

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Outfit Details:

Hat: Giovanni Hats / Guipure Dress: Self Portrait / Heels: J’Adior Heels / Sunglasses: Gigi Barcelona / Clutch: Givenchy, Fishnet Socks: Urban Outfitters  



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