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Happy Sunday friends! As I sat at a family lunch this past Sunday, I got to reflect on my relationship with Christ.

This year has been difficult, but nonetheless, filled with blessings. As many of you know, I lost my dear aunt in February, while I was at Fashion Week. And then 3 weeks later I lost my grandpa. It was so strange to lose two loved ones unexpectedly.

To cope with the loss I found refuge and comfort in God. From my experience, that is the ONLY comfort that is not temporary or materialistic. Something I can meditate on and find hope in.

Some major blessings that I am thankful for are my career as a blogger and costuming. I got hired on a new TV show and Netflix series as a head costumer. It is unreal.

As for my fashion Instagram page, I hit 17,200 followers last week. Someone pinch me. My work has improved tremendously. You can called it re-branding, if you want to be all fancy-shmansy.

I am also excited to announce that I am the new owner of this adorable Faye Mini by Chloe. I am obsessed with the bag. You can never go wrong with a Chloe purse.

Since Chloe began working with fashion bloggers, the fashion brand hit another level of high demand I guess influencers really make you buy an item. I did. This bag is just perfect. But beware, color does transfer EASILY onto the suede.

Along with the Chloe Faye Mini, I wore a white Zara floral dress and my favorite pair of Sarah Jessica Parker green heels.

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