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Today was, like, the best day ever! I went to the Hello Kitty Pop-Up Cafe in Irvine, California. It is one of the cutest cafes so if you live in Southern California you MUST drive to it and have some delicious coffee, lemonade, or some Hello Kitty desserts.

This cafe is also one of the most popular cafes in Orange County so you have probably seen the photos of it all over Instagram. Bloggers love this kind of s***t lol.

You want to know something funny though? I did not eat anything or drink any beverages. I am on a healthy meal-prep plan so I did not want to ruin my diet. I save my cheat days for Sunday.

On Sundays I pig out with my sisters. Like, piggy, piggy out. I normally hit up In-N-Out and order animal style fries with a Diet Coke (I know- it’s horrible for you). Or I eat 4 slices of pizza because I love pizza. And when I am all done, I cry and whine how I regretted the cheat meals haha.

Any who, you should totally see view more photos from the cafe on my Instagram…. So be cool and click on my Instagram photos. 😉

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Red Ruffle Blouse: Zara / White Ruffle Shorts: Zara  / Sunglasses: Gucci / White Handbag:  Gucci Marmont / Clear Plastic Heels: Steve Madden

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