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A couple of months ago I curiously walked inside a Forever21 store with the intention of purchasing a few items for this commercial I was working on. To my surprise, I walked out with nothing for the commercial and a small bag of goodies for myself. One of the purchases was a Gucci A/W 2016 inspired crop top.

Fast forward to today, here is a glimpse of photos wearing the green crop top with red and black stripe detail. The bright red and green 70’s sport is such an iconic look so I had to pair the top with my Gucci Marmont is the ‘It’ bag of the year. I cannot get enough of the gold GG iconic symbol.

With my favorite crop top, I chose to wear a pair of my favorite trousers that I picked up at Bollare. The brand is called BD the Label, an Italian brand. I look like I belong in Milan or Paris, but Los Angeles will do for now.

I am obsessed with the 70’s french inspiration and the fact that the bell bottom trouser enhance my curvy hips. And with each step, the trousers sway, making any outfit so fun.

After my sister and I shot this look, we headed to one of my favorite French bakeries in Los Angeles. I cannot tell you the secret because it would no longer be a secret, but if you go to my Instagram (@beatricebalaj), you can catch a glimpse of the bakery and a sneak peek of where it is. 😉

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