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I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Mine was super busy and productive. I got to mix some work with fun in the sun. I also got to review the Refresh Silk Cleanser by Silk Therapeutics and I am so excited to share my results with you all.

Some great facts about the Refresh Silk Cleanser is it is an EWG Verified product. The creamy cleanser is a  lightweight formula that delivering dual-action: a deep and thorough cleanse with anti-aging properties featuring our pure liquid silk. It can be applied in the morning, evening and even as a make-up remover. Cleansing Silk Refresh uses the combination of silk, skin-balancing Olea Europaea Oil, and 4 powerful fatty acids to cleanse pores, soften skin, and leave a vibrant complexion. This cleanser works great with all skin types, including sensitive.

When I used the Refresh Silk Cleanser, the first thing I noticed was how the product felt like silk. It has no scent and is super gentle. I got the best results from the cleanser when I applied the product without water. I typically use make-up remover wipes before washing my face to remove excess make-up but luckily the face wash is also a make-up remover.

Since I applied full coverage foundation, primer and a setting spray, it took only two applications of the cleanser to remove the make-up. Without make-up remover wipes it normally takes me 3-4 applications of face wash to clean my face efficiently because I like the squeaky clean feeling. I noticed how natural the product is. There is a limited amount of ingredients in the cleanser and that makes me happy.

After using the face wash I noticed was how soft and hydrated my skin felt. My face was also glowing. I love this product and am so excited to review it for you.


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