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Sometime last year I came across a brand named Tata Harper. I was searching for 100% natural and non-toxic beauty and skincare products after having an allergic reaction to a face lotion I used for two years straight. I did switch my routine, but my dermatologist said that my skin was changing and moving forward I had to avoid specific ingredients in skincare.

That stepping stone was extremely difficult for me because I already had acne, dry skin, and now I had to avoid the limited products offered for my skin type. I was so overwhelmed, frustrated, and insecure.

When I went to Nordstrom I saw an advertisement about the brand and was immediately attracted to the packing. It looked fresh, natural, and let’s be honest- cute! Nothing was purchased that day from Nordstrom, but later that month I went shopping at Sephora and discovered Tata Harper’s new section. I was already a VIB Rouge at Sephora so I asked for a tester. I immediately fell in LOVE for the products given to me.

After heading back to Sephora, I purchased the ‘Resurfacing Mask’ and fell in love. The results were honest. The product did what it stated on the description. That was the first product I purchased from Tata Harper.

Fast forward a few months later, I am so happy to do a product review on the brand Tata Harper. Read down below for more information on the perfect skin routine for my oily/acne prone skin. You will only read honest and true words.


Tata Harper Purifying Cleansing- $62

I typically use a deep cleanser before bedtime in order to remove all of my excess oils and makeup, but for my day routine, I stick to gentle products. This Purifying Cleanser is perfect for a morning wash. The product really does remove oils, dead skin, and buildup all while gently cleansing the face.

It also smells like a garden of herbs and flowers. It is very refreshing and after washing my face, it feels like it has been woken from a long sleep. It is made from sugars, broccoli extract, and fruit enzymes to cleanse and refine the appearance of pores.



Tata Harper Concentrated Brightening Essence- $150

If you are big on toners you will love this ‘Concentrated Brightening Toner’. It smells so good and makes my skin feel so soft and look radiant. The product reduces the appearance of dark spots, tones the complexion, and brightens the skin long-term.

It is made from a blend of 16 ingredients and smells like you took a bath in flowers.



Tata Harper ‘Elixir Vitae’ Eye Serum- $265

Wrinkles. None of us like them. Nor do we want them.

Tata Harper’s ‘Elixir Vitae Eye Serum’ is the most effective eye serum I have used. I barely began using eye cream last year when I turned 25 years old. This creme soothes the appearance of wrinkles and crow’s feet. It also helped tremendously with my under eye bags.

I have been traveling a lot recently and the bags under my eyes have been more noticeable now more than ever. After using this serum for over a week I noticed a HUGE difference in the appearance of my eye wrinkles and my under eye bags. This serum removes the appearance of my wrinkles and my bags have disappeared. It also smells heavenly. I love it!



Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask- $58

The Purifying Mask deeply cleanses the skin and purifies my skin.

Immediately after using this product my skin felt like a babies’ bottom. Cliche, but it is the best comparison. I noticed my skin was glowing, the appearance of my pores was improved and my complexion looked radiant.



Tata Harper Purifying Mask- $65

Tata Harper Skincare Resurfacing mask enhances your skin’s radiance and improves its appearance by eliminating dull and blemished skin cells. It’s not recommended for those with sensitive skin or those with rosacea.

After using this product I did not notice a huge difference in my skin other than a glow.
When applying the mask, it is a thin gel substance but dries on your skin and leaves a tight and itchy affect while drying. I prefer the Purifying Mask over this one anyway. 😉


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